This was ongoing client work that involved a Halloween logo, a Thanksgiving logo, and a Christmas logo. The current logo uses the clownfish as a base with coral shapes making up the “stripes” of the fish. The old logo is brought into the new one by bringing the previous two fish into the bottom text. The two fish have been altered to better read Vaquatics and more smoothly transition old customers to the new logo.

Battle Norfolk

This logo concept for a breakdancing event pitch embodies the feel of hip-hop through the stencil and spraypaint style.

Magazine District

This was a pitch for the Norfolk Arts District, created during the Code For America's National Day of Civic Hacking in 2013. The brackets are a nod to the history of Magazine Lane, which houses the Pilot building. The typeface reflects the vintage look of the district.

Museum of Contemporary Art

This is a redesign of the MOCA logo, made up of multiple directional lines that come together to support a form, much like a community.

Open Inspection

This logo is a pitch for the Open Inspection application created by the members of Code for Hampton Roads. This features an opening door with the health cross.